Write to the Point!

A Neighborhood Studios Program at the Mark Twain House

Writing Apprentices Working Hard at Twain Studios


Writing Apprentices Cecilia Gigliotti, Rae Martin and June Tran worked hard and produced excellent stories in Twain Studios.

Concentration at 66 Forest

Concentration prevailed when the Jakes were working.


Writing Apprentices playing a game where they discovered the many things they have in common.


Writing Apprentice Jahyra White, with Writing Apprentice Grant Henry in the background.

Lina Alaam

Writing Apprentice Lina Allam

Jakes work in cafe.2

Writing Apprentices of Twain Studios working on their stories.




Meaghan and Ambriel.2

Writing Apprentices worked on their own, in pairs and as a group. Here, Meaghan Szilagyi and Ambriel Johnson collaborate.





We didn’t work all the time, of course. The Writing Apprentices insist that no one is ever too old for the Balloon Game…

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