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A Neighborhood Studios Program at the Mark Twain House

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Visiting the State Capitol and Connecticut’s Heroes

Jakes in Capitol press room.2

The Jakes, short for “Journalism Kids” – the name the Twain Studios Writing Apprentices chose for themselves – thought the Press Room of the Connecticut State Capitol was pretty cool. From left, are Meaghan Szilagyi, Ashaya Nelson, Rae Martin, Molly Miller, Alan Burkholder, Cecilia Gigliotti, Ambriel Johnson, June Tran, Grant Henry and Jahyra White. The apprentices visited the Capitol in their final days at Twain Studios. Many had never been there before, and none had seen the Press Room. They loved it.

Jakes in Capitol press room.1

Writing Apprentices fit right in at the Press Room of the state Capitol. From left, Jahyra White, Rae Martin, Ashaya Nelson, Ambriel Johnson, Meaghan Szilagyi, June Tran, Cecilia Gigliotti, Molly Miller, Grant Henry and Alan Burkholder

Mark Pazniokas talks to Jakes at Capitol

Veteran news reporter Mark Pazniokas of the CT Mirror spoke with the Writing Apprentices of Twain Studios when they visited the state Capitol’s Press Room.

Jakes with state heroine statute

Writing Apprentices of Twain Studios with a statue of Connecticut’s State Heroine, Prudence Crandall and her student. From left, Ambriel Johnson, June Tran, Rae Martin, Meaghan Szilagyi, Alan Burkholder, Molly Miller, Ashaya Nelson, Grant Henry, Cecilia Gigliotti, Jahyra White

Jakes with Nathan Hale

Writing Apprentices of Twain Studios with State Hero Nathan Hale, in the Capitol. From left: Grant Henry, Alan Burkholder, Ambriel Johnson, Molly Miller, Meaghan Szilagyi, Jahyra White, Rae Martin, June Tran, Ashaya Nelson. In front, Cecilia Gigliotti.

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